Mission Statement

The Arctic is a region undergoing major changes, and those changes have local, regional, and global impacts. The Arctic has long been a theater of strategic competition. At the same time, the region is marked by decades of cooperation. The MCU Arctic Strategic Initiative (ASI) was established to create a network of relevant scholars and institutions, and facilitate student research in order to generate increased understanding of the nature and challenges of Arctic security for students and faculty at MCU, and to support the Marine Corps and its role in U.S. national security. 



From  Arctic Security

November 3, 2021, 1:00 PM to November 3, 2021, 3:00 PM, (Eastern Time)


Moderators: Dr Njord Wegge (NDUC) and Dr Lon Strauss (MCU)
Opening Comments
            Marine Corps University President Brigadier General Walker Field
            Norwegian Defence University College Professor Kjell Inge Bjerga

“Arctic Policy and Strategy in Strategic Competition” 
            Her Excellency Anniken Krutnes, Ambassador of Norway
            The Honorable Kenneth Braithwaite II, 77th Secretary of the Navy, former U.S. Ambassador to Norway, Rear Admiral Lower Half, USN (Ret.)

“Military Power in the Arctic”
             Major General Lars Lervik, Chief of the Norwegian Army 
             Brigadier General Anthony Henderson, Deputy Commander II MEF, Commander 2nd MEB 
             Brigadier General Douglas Clark, Deputy Commander & Chief of Staff NATO Joint Warfare Center

Questions and Answers

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