3-8 Task Analysis



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Narrator: The commander’s initial intent and guidance, which contain the problem and the purpose of the operation, and the higher headquarters orders, which is the principal source for tasks, are used to identify specified and implied tasks, from whence essential tasks, or tasks that define mission success, are identified.

Analyze Tasks

Commander's Initial Intent and Higher Headquarters Orders

Specified Tasks are assigned to a unit by its higher headquarters. Any specified task that pertains to any element of the unit should be identified and recorded.
Essential Tasks are drawn from the specified and implied tasks. Any task that must be performed in order for the commander to accomplish his purpose is designated an essential task. The mission statement is derived from the essential tasks.
Implied Tasks may not be specifically stated in the higher headquarter's order, but they are necessary to perform specified tasks. Implied tasks emerge from analysis of the higher headquarter's order, the impending threat, and understanding of the problem. Routine, inherent, enduring, or SOP activities are not implied tasks.