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Expeditions with MCUP is an online academic journal that offers authors a forum for the debate of trending domestic and international topics. Expeditions with MCUP will have all the advantages of a scholarly journal, including peer review and expert editing, but in a shorter time frame than a traditional print journal. Our authors will discuss the full spectrum of themes within the context of national security, international relations, and geopolitics as they apply to and impact the Department of Defense, the Department of the Navy, and the U.S. Marine Corps directly and indirectly.


 Policy, Perception, and Misperception:
 The United States and the Fall of the Shah
Kyle Balzer

 Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps:
 Its Foreign Policy and Foreign Legion

                                            Mark D. Silinsky, PhD



 Water Scarcity in Brazil:
 A Case Study

 Denise Slater


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