For Marine Corps University Students

Family housing is administered by the Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region - Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCINCR-MCBQ) in a Public/Private Venture (PPV) with Liberty Military Housing (LMH). In accordance with the MCINCR-MCBQ Housing order, incoming Marine Corps University (MCU) students are given housing priority, based on availability, from 1 May through 31 Jul 2023. As such, incoming students only receive one housing offer.

Housing assignments are generated in the priority in which housing applications are received.

Service members who are “selected” or “frocked” for promotion are placed on the corresponding wait list of the
promoted grade.

Applications are submitted to and approved by the Family Housing Branch (FHB), but LMH assigns the homes.
Applications are emailed to with the following required documents:

  1. Housing Application Form DD 1746
  2. Sex Offender Disclosure
  3. Pet Disclosure
  4. Privacy Act Release Form
  5. Supplemental Questions
  6. Web Orders or in lieu of orders, we will accept the MARADMIN notification
  7. All services other than USMC must also provide the following document:
    1. Navy:  Page 2 (BAH/Dependency Data Form)
    2. Air Force:  DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data Form)
    3. Army:  DD Form 93 (Record of Emergency Data Form)
    4. Coast Guard:  GC-4170A (BAH/Dependency Data Form) 

CLICK HERE FOR THE HOUSING APPLICATION PACKET (download and save as a pdf in order to digitally sign)

If you are unable to fill and sign the forms electronically, you can print, sign, scan to PDF instead of TIF and
email to the inbox listed above. The email server cannot accept GIF or JPEG or e-mails larger than 10mb and
you may not be notified that the e-mail server stripped the email. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact
the MHO at (703) 784-2711.


Confirmation of receipt is the responsibility of the applicant and can be verified with points of contact below: 

Mrs. Leah MacDougall:  (703) 784-5955, DSN (312) 378-5955,
Ms. Sabrina Benavides Munoz (703) 432-0068 DSN (312) 378-0068 -- EWS 
Ms. Stephanie Owens:  (703) 432-0067, DSN (312) 378-0067, -- CSC, SAW, MCWAR

Due to the limited number of homes, we cannot assure a home will be available to all students. However, every
effort will be made to accommodate families whose applications are received. On your housing application,
please provide the date you are checking into the installation and will be able to accept housing. You must be
officially checked-in to be able to pick up keys.

Homes are assigned based on availability. If your check-in date should change, please notify the FHB
immediately. If a home is not readily available, you will need to make other arrangements until one becomes

IMPORTANT:  Students must respond to Liberty Military Housing (LMH) with an ‘Acceptance’ or
‘Declination’ within 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays) of receiving the housing offer.
who do not respond within the 48-hour timeframe will be passed over, and the next person on the waitlist will be
offered the unit.

Those who decline the housing offer, lose their housing priority status and are removed from the student waitlists.

Pets must be vaccinated with up-to-date rabies, microchipped, and registered with the Visitor Control Center
(VCC), at 27031X Telegraph Rd, located in front of the Russell Knox Building. All pet documents must then
be provided to FHB before house keys are issued.

Majority of Company Grade EWS students are housed in Thomason Park, McHugh Woods, and Masters Hill
(along Bearss Loop).

We do our best to house Field Grade officers attending CSC, MCWAR, and SAW in Masters Hill
neighborhood (along Lejeune Road, Floyd Street, and portions of Neville Road). However, due to limited
inventory, Field Grade housing availability is minimal.

Please refer to the Liberty Military Housing website to view floor plans.

All homes have the following:

Gas stove, family-size refrigerator, built-in microwave, dishwasher, wall-to-wall carpet and/or vinyl floors, 1 or
2 car garage, central A/C & heat, and washer and dryer hookups only. *Note:  Dryer hookups have four-prong

Our Off-Base Housing Referral counselor, Ana Jozsa, is available to assist anyone who does not wish to reside
on-base, those who are geographical bachelors, and those who are not assigned on-base housing. Ana will make
every effort to assist you in finding a home, apartment, or townhome in the local community. Please contact the
Referral Office at (703) 784-2713 or Quantico housing

Marine Corps University