What To Expect And Do Upon Arrival

1. An escort to meet you at the take out airport.

MCU’s practice is to have an escort meet you when your flight arrives in order to bring them to Quantico or, if you arrive after duty hours, to temporary lodging.

If you cannot find your escort at the airport, proceed to the USO office, and then call for assistance.
    During working hours (0700 – 1600):
    MCU Student Services, (703) 784-3157/3156
    After working hours:
    Command Duty Officer – (703) 784-2707

2. Temporary lodging.

The Regional IMSO will make advance arrangements for you, if you have provided your arrival details or specifically asked that temporary lodging be reserved. This lodging will be for you and your authorized dependents in a guesthouse or motel at your expense until permanent lodging is obtained. The escort will have the reservation information.

3. Report to the Regional IMSO.

The day you arrive in Quantico, or the next duty day if you arrive after duty hours, you will report to the Regional IMSO in the MCU Student Services Office (Warner Center, Room 1182, Building 2044) for in-processing. Make sure to bring:

  • Passport and visa (IMS and all family members)
  • Travel and lodging receipts (IMET only)
  • A second form of identification in English

The Regional IMSO and Student Services office will assist you with:

a. Identification Cards. IMS, and authorized family members 14 years and older, are eligible for Next Gen ID card. The ID will serve as your identification card, prove eligibility for shopping at the Marine Corps Exchange (retail store) and the Commissary (grocery store), and allow the IMS to access the MCU computer network. Student Services will provide you with the necessary paperwork, which you will take to the RAPIDS Center to have your ID created. Every family member receiving a ID must go the RAPIDS Center to receive it. NOTE: CACs must be turned into the Student Services office after the course is over and before you return to your home country.

b. Travel and Lodging Allowance (TLA) Vouchers (IMET IMS). IMET IMS rate a U.S. living allowance, referred to as TLA, per the terms in their ITOs. IMS who rate TLA will complete the necessary paperwork to submit the initial claim for payment. MCU practice is to submit claims so that payment is made as close to the 15th of each month. During the course year, those IMS claiming TLA must submit receipts for each period claimed. The TLA amount varies according to whether or not you have dependents with you and the amount authorized by your government. Once again, ensure you understand your entitlements prior to arrival at Quantico.

4. Initial check-in and getting settled.

During your first few days at Quantico, until you are able to purchase a car or arrange your own transportation, MCU will provide escorts to take you where you need to go and assist you with getting settled. Note: Escorts and vehicles will be assigned to assist multiple IMS and families arriving at the same time you are. They will not be available to you at all times each of these first days.

5. Scheduled orientation classes.

From 15 - 26 July 2024, IMS will participate in a scheduled orientation program. The first week will consist of MCU administrative requirements, briefs on Marine Corps Base Quantico facilities, and coordinating final housing and living arrangements. The second week will be devoted to school specific administrative and curriculum preparation. Detailed schedules will be developed closer to the beginning of the school year.

6. Read the MCU Student Handbook.

It has information about the University policies and procedures that will affect you as a student, and resources available to you and your family to help you while assigned to Marine Corps University.

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