Lineage and Honors


The Marine Corps’ Lineage and Honors Program was instituted in 1969 as a way to capture the administrative and operational history of eligible Marine Corps units, as well as to record the accumulated battle honors. 

 Units of the operating forces that are of battalion/squadron size (or larger) that rate Type III, Class 1 Battle Standards are eligible for lineage and honors certificates.  Bases and air stations were granted eligibility in 1971.  Subordinate battalions of bases/air stations, schools and detachments are specifically excluded from eligibility. 

 We are working to make all unit lineage and honors certificates and streamer entitlements available digitally; however, at this time only those below are available.  If you do not see your unit or have questions regarding the program, please email for more information.


                                   COMMANDS                                                           POSTS AND STATIONS                                              MARINE AIR GROUND TASKS FORCES (MAGTF)

                                    AVIATION                                                                       GROUND                                                                    COMBAT SERVICE SUPPORT UNITS




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