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Marine Corps University

The MCU Alumni Program was founded to better connect alumni with the university and their fellow graduates. After leaving MCU, we want to make sure our graduates have the resources they need to continue to succeed in their military or civilian careers.  Whether it is transcripts, letters of recommendation, access to publications and more, the alumni program is here to help.


Membership is free and lasts a lifetime. As a member of the Marine Corps University Alumni Program, you will have access to resources, information about events and most importantly, a means of connecting with former classmates and MCU.


The alumni program offers opportunities for you to connect with your classmates, faculty and staff in a professional-manner and continue to make strides in your career, ask for or share advice, help find a new job or just meet new people with a common life experience. 


MCU offers events to current students and will occasionally extend invitations to alumni. Additionally, there are seminars, webinars and other informational events throughout the year. Be on the lookout for alumni exclusive events.


The library and the Krulak Center are great resources for students, but when your time at MCU ends, we want to make sure you still have all the resources you might need. Your membership will grant you access to certain updates and information from both resources.

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Marine Corps University