Plans Directorate


The Plans Directorate is responsible for institutional-level strategic planning and other university-level planning requirements in order to develop shared situational awareness and help decision-makers direct and coordinate University activities. The Office's primary responsibility is development and implementation of the University's Strategic Plan. Plans also supports University requirements for planning with HHQ and other external agencies, as well as quality process improvement, integrating reporting processes across University platforms in support of decision-making, and providing support to current and future operations across MCU/EDCOM. Support is broken down by the following types of requests/activities:


  • Supervise the development, implementation, and assessment of the MCU Strategic Plan.
  • Organize and conduct MCU-level Operational Planning Teams (OPTs), as required.
  • Oversee the conduct of the MCU President’s Planning Council (PPC).
  • Develop and manage the command’s formal Quality Process Improvement Board (QPIB) and also informal process improvement activities to examine designated processes, and to develop solutions to increase their efficiency or effectiveness.
  • Perform other duties in support of MCU current, future, and planning activities, as directed.

Contact Information

Mr. Robert S. Peterson

Director of Plans


Marine Corps University