The Marine Corps provides an application call Pulse Secure to MCEN account holders. It is a solution that allows MCEN account holders to use MCEN systems while connected to non-MCEN wireless and wired networks. Pulse Secure is not available for use on personal or Marine Corps University systems. The Marine Corps University Helpdesk is limited on the knowledge and use of the application but can facilitate first response support. If necessary, the Marine Corps University Helpdesk will ask to have a MCEN Remedy ticket opened for Pulse Secure users that are experiencing issues.

Any questions or comments related to this guide should be directed to the MCU Helpdesk at or 703-432-4866.


  1. Before attempting to launch Pulse Secure a user must confirm they have network connectivity:

    1. Option 1: Wireless / Wi-Fi

      1. To connect via a Wi-Fi connection a user needs to have the MITSC NCR Helpdesk enable the Wireless NIC on their MCEN-N device.  Once Wi-Fi is enabled users should be able to connect to their home Wi-Fi like they would with a personal device.  

    2. Option 2: Cabled

      1. If a user’s Wireless NIC is not enabled they can connect an Ethernet/Cat 5 cable directly to their home internet router.


Hint: Users should go to a well know website (such as Google or CNN) to confirm they have internet access before moving on to step 2.  


  1. Launch Pulse Secure by either clicking Start and typing Pulse and clicking on it, or click the Pulse icon by the clock and select Open Pulse Secure. If you don’t have pulse secure installed already, you’ll have to open your web browser and navigate to the appropriate URL listed in step 3 


  1. Once Pulse Secure Opens click on the +


  1. For Name you can just type in the location, i.e. Quantico, for Sever URL type in the VPN you want to connect to. 



San Diego:

Hawaii :

Camp Foster:


  1. Click on Connect.

  2. Click on Proceed.

  3. When you are prompted for certificates, select the one that says Authentication and click connect. You may need to scroll to the right to see it


**If it fails on this step, right click the Connection and click “Forget saved settings”**

  1. Once connect it will have a green circle with a white check mark next to it. 

  1. You can now open up Outlook, go to network shares and access websites.

  2. To Logoff simply click on Disconnect.

Any questions or comments related to this guide should be directed to the MCU Helpdesk at or 703-432-4866.

Disclaimer: Not all MCEN-N devices are Wi-Fi Capable. Non-Wi-Fi capable devices will require Ethernet cord connected to Router/Modem to establish commercial connectivity.

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