VMWare Horizon View on an EDU Computer

The Marine Corps University Information Technology Department provides the VMWare Horizon View application ensuring MCU Staff and Faculty can work from a remote site. The Horizon View application is installed on every EDU computer and can be accessed by clicking on the VMWare Horizon View application icon on the desktop.

If the application icon is not on your desktop, you will have to:

  1. Click on the start button
  2. Type Software Center
  3. Click on the Software Center application
  4. Click on the Horizon Client icon
  5. Click on the Install button
    1. If the Horizon Client application is not listed in the application list or it will not install:
    2. The EDU system will have to be connected to the network in your office or work space
    3. Reboot the computer and restart these steps

To use the Horizon View VMWare application:

  1. Connect to a wireless or wired network at home or away from your office (will not work connected to the EDU LAN)
  2. Run the VMWare Horizon View program
  3. Double click the icon titled ""
  4. Select the Email certificate
  5. Type your pin
  6. Double Click on an available pool icon.

Once the desktop loads, you are connected to a virtual machine within the EDU network. The virtual machine is not tailored to each individual and drive mappings, printer mappings, and saved documents will not be present. If you would like drive mappings and printer mappings, you will have to do so every time you logon. Documents you wish to retain will need to be saved to the cloud or within an email.

If you require assistance, the Helpdesk is available at (703) 432-4866 and



VMWare Horizon View on a Personal Computer

The Marine Corps University Information Technology Department provides the VMWare Horizon View application for MCU Staff and Faculty to install in personal devices. The support of installing and using the VMWare Horizon View application on personal devices is limited. The Helpdesk staff is knowledgeable, but cannot guarantee the application will work for everyone due to the wide variety of personal system configurations, personal software, personal computer friewall settings, and personal network configurations that may hinder application success.

How To:

Download/install/Configure VMware Horizon client for remote VDI to access to USMCU.EDU machines.

Establish a wireless network connection

Navigate to the following URL

Download the corresponding Horizon View Client for your current Operating System 


Once downloaded install and restart your device. 


Open the VMware Horizon Client   

Open the Options (ALT+ O) menu in the upper right hand corner of the application  

Select the option, “Configure SSl…” 

Under the Certificate checking mode section select, “do not verify server identity certificates”


Select “OK”

Double click the “Add Server” icon 


Enter the name of the Connection Server, “”


Select connect

Choose your user certificate 


Enter your pin 

Marine Corps University