Initiate a meeting with Google Meet 


Start an impromptu Meet (on the fly Meet initiation):

1. In a web browser, enter
2. Click Join or Start a meeting.
3. Give your meeting  a name.
4. Click Continue.
5. Click Join now to join yourself to the meeting.
6. To add someone to a meeting, choose an option:

  •      Click Copy join info and paste the meeting details into an email and send it to recipients (They will be able to access the Meet via the Meet URL, meeting code, or dialing in with the phone number and pin).
  • Or click Add people and choose an option:
  • ​​Under the section, enter an email address and click Send invite.
  • Under the section, enter a phone number and press Call.


Schedule a Meet (planning a future Meet in Google Calendar):

1. In a web browser, enter

2. Click +Create.
3. Click More Options.
4. Click Add conferencing drop down menu.
5. Select Hangouts Meet.
6. Fill all other applicable fields, including Add guests.
7. Click Save.



How to Join a Google Meet

In Meet, you can select a scheduled event or you can enter a meeting code. 

Join with a meeting link URL (Typically emailed to you by the Meet organizer):

With Hangouts Meet, you can join an impromptu video meeting by clicking the meeting link URL sent to you in a text or email.
1. Click the meeting link sent to you in a chat message or email.
2. Follow the onscreen prompts to join the meeting.


Select a scheduled event (a Meet in your Google Calendar with Meet Conferencing enabled):

1. In a web browser, enter

2. Select the meeting from your list of scheduled events.
3. Click Join meeting.


Enter a meeting code (the text of the meeting URL after”.com/”):

1. In a web browser, enter
2. Click Use a meeting code.
3. The meeting code is the string of letters at the end of the meeting link. You don't have to enter the hyphens. (Example:
4. Enter the meeting code and click Continue.
​5. Click Join meeting.

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