This instruction is for individuals that are leaving the Marine Corps University and would like to take their data stored on EDU email or Google Drive.

If you have files and folders on your Desktop or Documents folder on an EDU computer you can either copy the files and folders to a CD/DVD or copy the files and folders to your Google Drive and follow the below instructions.

Backing Up You Data

**** Personal hard drives are not authorized to be used on EDU systems

There are a couple of methods used to backup your information stored on your Google Drive.

1. Backup your data to a personal system.

a. Login to your EDU email and access your Drive on your personal system.

b. Copy the data from your Google Drive to your personal system.


2. Backup your data to CD/DVD from an EDU system.

a. If you do not have a CD/DVD drive, speak with your instructor if you are a student, or your purchase representative if you are faculty or staff to be issued to you.

b. Download the data from your Google Drive to an EDU system.

c. Copy the data you want to backup to a CD/DVD.

1. Do not select "like a USB flash drive" because you will not be able to access the CD/DVD on other government systems.

d. Use multiple CD/DVD disks if needed.


3. Download your EDU data using Google Takeout.

a. Access your EDU account on a personal computer.

b. Access the website:

1. It is recommended you "Deselect All" under products.

c. Select the data type you would like to download.

d. Click on the "Next Step" button.

e. Click on the "Create export" button.

f. Once you receive the email, acknowledge you requested the archive.

g. Access the website: to check the progress.

h. When the archive is finished click on the "Download" button.

i. You can move the *.zip file to a location for future access, such as the desktop or Documents folder.

j. Repeat the steps to backup other types of data such as email.

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