IT Goals

The Information Technology (IT) Directorate will focus on the following principles in the pursuit of mission accomplishment and vision fulfillment:

  1. “Do No Harm”. The University must continue to operate to fulfill its’ mission and IT tools are critical to accomplishing the education mission and preservation of USMC history and heritage.
  2. Provide consistent and reliable information technology solutions that meet the needs and mission of the university.
  3. Commitment to Process improvement. Technology is continuously changing and updating. In order to support the educational mission and goals of the university, IT will engage in continuous process and product improvement to affect measurable and repeatable improvements.
  4. Inform and Educate. We will remain cognizant of current and future technology trends. As we form a coherent picture of the trends that will produce a return on investment (time, funding and personnel) we will bring this information to the affected stakeholders of the university.
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