Add a “Security Exception” in Firefox

If while trying to access a .mil you encounter a security warning to the effect of “you are accessing an untrusted connection”, don’t be alarmed. This error is generated by the browser when it does not recognize a certificate. Though most modern web browsers accept Department of Defense certificates by default there are a few that do not. Firefox is an example of one such browser. This problem can be fixed permanently by following the steps below. Note: The steps out-lined below demonstrate the process of accepting certificates in Firefox. Other browsers may follow a slightly different process.

  1. Upon arriving at a DoD site where you are greeted by the “This Connection is Untrusted” message, look towards the bottom of the message. You will see a hyperlink titled “I understand the risks”. Click on this link to continue.
  2. You will be asked to “Add an exception”. Click the “Add Exception” button.
  3. Once the “Add Security Exception” window opens click “Confirm Security Exception” button on the bottom of the window. Once you complete this step Firefox will no longer prompt you with a warning message when you visit the site.

 example of “untrusted connection” message  example of “add security exception” window.

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