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For your convenience you can find classroom information prior to requesting the space. This site provides information on classroom size, capabilities and equipment. Once you have determined the appropriateness of the space please follow the link to reserve it.

House Rules

  1. Priority of use. Priority of use is for Command and Staff College academic requirements and MCU events. All other users are subject to having reserved use modified or cancelled to accommodate academic schedule changes. The college will promptly notify guest users when unforeseen conflicts occur.
  2. Normal operating hours are from 0800 – 1600 during normal duty days.
  3. Parking. All parking around Ellis Hall and the MCU complex is for designated use only. General parking is available in the Gray Research Center parking lot or the MCU overflow lot at the corner of Broadway and Martin Streets.
  4. The Information Technology IT does not provide conference support or administrative supplies for any activity. Users are responsible for their event set-up, breakdown and coordination of any AV support requirements. Users must have any presentations saved on a CD-rom.
  5. Distinguished Visitors (General and Flag officers, SES, foreign dignitaries and the like) will be identified on this request form in order to provide the MCU Protocol Officer the name, rank, title, date and time of visit as far in advance of the event as possible to ensure proper protocol requirements are observed.


  • Ellis Hall
  • Breckenridge Auditorium
  • IT Room 249
  • Room 215
  • Room 235
  • Black Jacks Crossing
  • Ellis Hall
  • Building 3094 - Room 115-A
  • Building 3094 - Room 115-B
  • Building 3094 – Room 115-A
  • Building 3094 - Conference Room
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