Civilian Manpower

"Civilian Marines"

In 2000, General Charles Krulak, 31st Commandant of the Marine Corps, first used the term "Civilian Marines." Since then, it has come to describe the special service that the civilian workforce provides to the Marine Corps Total Force structure. Civilian Marines are in integral part of the Marine Corps structure and, as such, they are uniquely positioned to contribute special talents and capabilities in support of our nation's defense. Each Civilian Marine makes a unique contribution to his or her command's specific mission. Civilians allow the Marine Corps to remain the nation's "force in readiness" and to continue fulfilling its Congressionally-mandated mission of "being the most ready when the nation is least ready." Without civilian support, the mission of the Marine Corps would be severely compromised. In partnership with Marines, Civilian Marines will continue to play an important role in support the Marine Corps mission worldwide.

Civilian Check In Process

For Civilian Permanent Personnel who are checking in with MCU 1. CIVILIAN MANPOWER (Building 2076, Basement, Room 026) 2. ADMIN SERVICES (Building 2076, Basement, Room#010) When checking in to Admin Services you will:

  • Update DTS
  • Receive a GOV'T CHARGE CARD (APC)

3. FACILITIES SECTION (Building 2076, Basement, Room 053) At the Facilities Section you will be assigned the following:

  • Parking Decal
  • Office Key

4. INFORMATION EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY (IET) HELPDESK (Building 2076, 2nd Floor, Room 203) To Receive an NMCI account, please follow these steps:

  1. Check in with IET Helpdesk to receive a SAAR packet and instructions.
  2. Once SAAR is completed, return SAAR packet to the IET Helpdesk.
  3. IET Helpdesk will submit your SAAR for your account to be created. The process should take approximately 7 business days.
  4. IET Helpdesk will contact you or your supervisor to inform you that the account has been created.
  5. Once you have been notified that the account is created, go to DEERS, which is located at: Address: 2034 Barnett Ave Quantico, VA 22134 Phone Number: 703-784-2750. Please schedule an appointment with DEERS to receive a CAC (Common Access Card) and the correct certificates.
  6. Once completed with DEERS you will need to complete the final step, NMCI Account Activation, detailed below: When you are notified that your NMCI account is created and DEERS has issued you a CAC, a call to NMCI to activate the account will be necessary.

When contacting NMCI for this process, you must have a Verifier. When speaking to NMCI, you must inform the representative that you are a new user that is logging on for the first time. Follow the instructions from the NMCI representative. To contact NMCI, please call 1-(866) THE-NMCI (843-6624) option 2, option 5, option 8 If at any time you require assistance, please contact the IET Helpdesk at (703) 432-4866 5. SUPERVISOR/DIVISION TIMEKEEPER CHECK – IN When checking in with your Supervisor/Division Timekeeper you will: Complete your Federal/State Income Tax & Direct Deposit Forms Work Schedule Form Roles and Responsibilities Form DD Form 577 (If Certifier) CHECK-OUT Timekeepers: Work Schedule Form with “P” Code 6. DEERS When checking in with DEERS you will: Receive your CAC (Common Access Card) only after you have been established in the Personnel System via the SF50. Your Supervisor will be notified and sent a copy of this form once the process is complete. 7. CHECK-IN COMPLETION Once you or your supervisor is notified that you are in the system and have received a CAC along with an NMCI account, you will gain access to the Civilian Pay System (SLDCADA) through your Timekeeper. Your Check-In/Check-Out sheet must be turned into Civilian Manpower Office upon completion.

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