Academic Information and Regulations


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About MCU Accreditation Governance
Academic Year Calendar SACSCOC Accreditation Working Group Board of Visitors
Command Brief MCU Accreditation Working Group Charter Faculty Council
List of Policies Required for SACSCOC Accreditation PAJE JPME Accreditation Roles and Responsibilities Student Roles in Institutional Decision Making
Factbook Quality Enhancement Plan  
MCU homepage SACSCOC Accreditation Roles and Responsibilities  
Institutional History MCU Principles of Accreditation Responsibility Matrix  
Mission and Vision    
Organizational Chart (GAfG only)    
Strategic Plan    

Curriculum and Assessment Faculty and Staff Research and Scholarship
Computation of Credit Hours Academic Chair Management Academic Freedom and Non-Attribution 
Curriculum Review Process Emeritus Status Academic Integrity
Articulation Agreements Expectations for Service Copyright Guide
Student Assessment and Feedback Dr. Elihu Rose Award for Teaching Excellence Copyright Ownership
  Faculty Development Marine Corps University Press Publishing Policies 
  Faculty Qualifications and Credentials Research
  Professional Development Off-Site Program Sponsored Projects
    Use of Copyrighted Works
    Visiting Positions
    Human Subjects Research and Research Approval
    Modular Credentials
    Public Access to Research and Data

Students Outreach Forms and Templates Library
Course Catalogs Academic Research Assistant, Volunteer, and Intern Program

Research Assistant Application

Graduation and Detachment Alumni Intern Application
Diplomas and Certificates Center for Regional and Security Studies

Research Assistant Memorandum of Understanding

Transcripts and Student Records History Division Intern Memorandum of Understanding
Selection and Admissions Policies Honorary Degrees Acknowledgement of MCU's Policy on Academic Integrity
Student Award Program Lejeune Leadership Institute Sample Application Letter Request for Professional Development Off-Site (PDO)
List of Officer PME Student Awards Marine Corps University Press (MCUP) Sample Letter of Agreement for PDO Obligated Service
Student Complaint Policy National Museum of the Marine Corps Guest Speaker Release Form
Student Performance Evaluation Board Senior Service Representatives at Sister Service/Joint Institutions Emeritus Nomination Template
Student Rights and Responsibilities Speakers Bureau Student Complaint/Grievance Application
Krulak Center   Sample Student Performance Evaluation Board (SPEB) Appointment Letter
Leadership Communication Skills Center   Sample Student Performance Evaluation Board (SPEB) Notification Letter
Libraries of the Marine Corps   Student Performance Evaluation Board (SPEB) Preamble
Fellows, Olmsted Scholars, and Foreign PME   Sample Report of Student Performance Evaluation Board (SPEB)
    Student Performance Evaluation Board (SPEB) Decision Letter
    Volunteer Agreement
    Sample Computation of Credit Hours
    Copyright Permission Request
    Copyright Permission Status
    Student Performance Evaluation Board (SPEB) Probation Failure Decision Letter


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