Professor Daniel Marston, PhD

Daniel Marston BA MA (McGill) DPhil (Oxford) FRHistS was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently, he is a Professor of Military History at the USMC School for Advanced Warfighting. He held a Professorship in Military Studies and was also the Principal of the Military and Defence Studies Program at the Australian Command & Staff College in Canberra. He has held the Ike Skelton Distinguished Chair in the Art of War at the US Army Command and General Staff College. He has been a Visiting Fellow, on multiple occasions, with the Leverhulme Changing Character of War Program at the University of Oxford. He was previously a Senior Lecturer in War Studies at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He has been a special advisor, since 2006, in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Army, USMC and British Army. His research focuses on the topic of transnational military culture and how armies learn and adapt to new environments. His book Phoenix from the Ashes, an in-depth assessment of how the British/Indian Army turned defeat into victory in the Burma campaign of the Second World War, won the Field Marshal Templer Medal Book Prize in 2003. The second volume, The Indian Army and the End of the Raj, was Runners Up for the Templer Medal in 2014. He completed his doctorate as the Beit Research Scholar in Imperial and Commonwealth History at Balliol College, Oxford University, and is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


Research interests

•  History of War (18th Century to present day)

•  British military history (18th Century to the present day)

•  US military history (18th Century to the present day)

•  Vietnam War (1954-1975)

•  South Asian military history (18th Century to 1947)

•  Wars of decolonisation in Southern Africa (1960s-1990)

•  British Imperial history in South Asia (18th Century to 1947)


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