Colonel Brian P. Sharp, USMC  

Director of the Marine Corps War College  

Captain Benjamin B. Miller, USN  

Deputy Director / Navy Chair  

Christopher D. Yung, Ph.D.  

Dean of Academics  

James Lacey, Ph.D.  

Course Director:  Campaigning and Warfare  

William Morgan, Ph.D.  

Course Director:  Diplomacy & Statecraft  

Tammy S. Schultz, Ph.D.  

Course Director:  National Security  

Colonel Gregory "Scott" Trahan, USA  

Instructor:  Joint Warfighting / USA Chair  

Colonel Matthew Breen, USMCR  

Course Director:  Leadership & Ethics / USMCR Chair 

Colonel William Ryerson, USAF  

Course Director:  Joint Warfare / USAF Chair  

Benjamin Dille, Ph.D.  

State Department Chair  

Kevin Heaton, DIA  

DIA Chair  

Colonel Matthew Jones, USMC (Ret.)  

Instructor:  Joint Warfighting / Wargaming  

Marine Corps University