Welcome aboard Expeditionary Warfare School class of 2025!

A letter from the Director, Expeditionary Warfare School

New Student Brief

Student Registration

1. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. Prior to reporting to EWS, students must complete the following requirements:

 a. Advanced Reading. In order to prepare for the first block of instruction at EWS, before school begins, you must thoroughly read the following:

(1) Required Reading

(a) (Read, Highlight, Tab) Swain, Richard M. The Armed Forces Officer. National Defense University Press, 2017

(b) (Read, Highlight, Tab) Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 1: Warfighting

(c) (Read, Highlight, Tab) 38th Commandant's Planning Guidance

(d) (Read, Highlight) The 38th Commandant’s Intent

(e) (Read, Highlight, Tab) 39th CMC Guidance To The Force

(f)  (Read, Highlight, Tab) 39th CMC FRAGO 01-2024 "Maintain Momentum"   

(g)  (Read, Highlight, Tab)  Force Design 2030

(h)  Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 1-3: Tactics

(2) Suggested Reading

(a) Mullen, W.F. “Advanced Reading Skills: Techniques to Getting Started.” Marine Corps Gazette Blog. Marine Corps Association, April, 2019.  

(b) Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 5: Planning

(c) Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 6: Command and Control

(d) Marine Corps Doctrinal Publication (MCDP) 7: Learning

(e) AY23 8672 Organization of the USMC Lesson 1: Organization of the USMC 

(f) AY23 8672 Organization of the USMC Lesson 2: Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF)

(3) Tertiary Reading

(a) Clausewitz, Carl von, Michael Howard, Peter Paret, and Bernard Brodie. On War. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1984. Chapters 1-7.

     i. Open this URL:


b. Initial Assessment. All Students will complete an inventory assessment during the first week. There are four elements to this assessment:

(1) Grammar Diagnostic Assessment. The assessment will be a timed, closed book, multiple choice exam to assess your knowledge of grammar and punctuation. To prepare, students should review rules of grammar and punctuation. The basic grammar reference used by EWS is A Writer's Reference, 7th Ed. by Diana Hacker, et al., Boston: Bedford/St. Martins 2010.

(2) Knowledge Assessment. In order to establish a baseline of tactical and technical knowledge across the student body, all EWS students will complete a knowledge assessment. The purpose of this assessment is twofold. First, this will give the faculty a clearer understanding of students' knowledge of Marine Corps doctrine and warfighting functions. Secondly, this assessment will provide students with an understanding of gaps in their current knowledge, better enabling them to focus their efforts throughout the year. The assessment will be timed and closed book; questions will be in the form of short answers, fill-in the blank, true/false, matching, and multiple choice.

c. Defense Travel System (DTS). All US students must ensure they are detached/dropped from their current unit's DTS hierarchy prior to checking in at EWS.

d. Government Travel Credit Card (GTCC). Students must update their address and contact information on their on-line Citibank profile upon arrival. You must bring the card with you to check-in. Students possessing a GTCC expiring before 1 August 2023 should initiate procurement of a new card.

e. Security Clearance/Defense Information System for Security (DISS). All students should have an active security clearance while attending EWS. Students should verify their security clearance with their Unit Security Manager and must request to be ‘detached’ in DISS prior to executing orders. If your clearance is due to expire before graduating from EWS in May 2024, you should request that your Unit Security Manager initiate a reinvestigation.

f. Sponsorship of International Military Students. Marine students interested in sponsoring an International Military Student (IMS) while attending EWS can find specific information on MCU's New Student Check-in page. Sponsoring an IMS is a fantastic opportunity to enrich your EWS experience and assist an international officer as they acclimate in their new surroundings and culture. If you're interested in volunteering, fill out the IMS Sponsor Form (Coming Soon) and contact Marine Corps University International Military Student Office at or 703-784-3157/6.

2. REPORTING PROCEDURES. Procedures and timelines for student check-in will be contained on the Marine Corps University Webpage under the “Students” tab.

For questions regarding student check-in contact Marine Corps University Student Services section:

Director, Administrative Services (703) 432-4632

Dep Director, Administrative Services (703) 784-5665

Student Service Chief (703) 432-5465

Student Service Clerks (703) 432-4867 / 3713

For questions regarding student registration contact the Marine Corps University Registrar at (703) 432-5503


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