CSC International Military Students’ Distinguished Alumni Rising to the Position Of Prominence


GEN (ret) Sir Peter J Cosgrove
 26th Governor General of Australia
CSC 1978-1979

GEN (ret) Sigurd Frisvold
Chief of Defense, Norway
CSC 1985-1986

LTGEN (ret) Robert Mood
Chief of Army, Norway
CSC 1994-1995


LTGEN Richard Burr
Chief Of Army, Australia
CSC 1997-1998


MAJGEN (ret) Tor Rune Raabye
Chief of Home Guard, Norway
CSC 1999-2000


MAJGEN Chris Field Commander,
Forces Command Australia
CSC 2000-2001

GEN Wayne Eyre
Canada's Chief of the Defense Staff
CSC 2001-2002

LTGEN Jocelyn Paul
Deputy Commander
Allied Joint Force Command Naples
CSC 2003-2004

BGEN Eirik Kristoffersen,
Chief of Army, Norway
CSC 2008-2009

Brigadier Ian Langford
Acting Head Land Capability, Australia
CSC 2008-2009

MAJ GEN Mick Ryan
Commander Australian Defence College , Australia
CSC 2001-2002

Major General Goh Si Hou
Chief of Army, 2018 - Present, Singapore
CSC : 2007 - 2008

Rear Admiral Tulio Rojas Bustos
Commandant of the Chilean Marine Corps, 2013 - 2014
CSC: 2002 - 2003
Marine Corps University