B.A. (Political Science), Chapman University, 1998
M.M.S. (Military Studies – Distinguished Graduate), Marine Corps University, 2013
M.A. (National Security and Strategic Studies), US Naval War College, 2019


Military Education

Officer Candidates School, 2000
The Basic School, 2000
Infantry Officers Course, 2000
Expeditionary Warfare School, 2008
ARG/MEU Staff Planning Course, 2009
Operations and Tactics Instructor Course, 2011
Mountain Operations Staff Planners Course, 2011
Rapid Response Planning Process Course, 2011
USMC Command and Staff College, 2013
CMC Commanders Course, 2016
US Naval War College, 2019


Major Assignments

Platoon Cmdr, Company Executive Officer, and Company Cmdr, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, MCB Hawaii (2XUDP)
Marine Security Element Platoon Cmdr, JTF-510, SOCPAC, OEF, Philippines
Assistant Ops Officer and Company Commander, Infantry Training Battalion, SOI-W, Camp Pendleton, CA
Embedded Training Team Leader, Afghan Commando Battalion, JSOTF, OEF, Afghanistan
Company Commander, Student Admin Company, H&S Battalion, SOI-W, Camp Pendleton, CA
Police Transition Team District Leader, II MEF, OIF, Rutbah, Iraq
Company Commander and Operations Officer, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, Camp Pendleton, CA (3 Deployments – Fallujah
Iraq/15th MEU/31st MEU)
Operations Officer, United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission, Seoul, Korea (Joint)
Combat Arms Unit Head and Assignments Section Head, MMEA, Quantico, VA
Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, Camp Pendleton, CA (31st MEU)

Marine Corps University