1995 BA, Philosophy, University of Hawaii
2011 MA, National Security and Strategy Studies, Command and Staff College, U.S. Naval War College
2018 MS, National Strategy Resourcing, Dwight D. Eisenhower School, National Defense University




Military Education

Marine Corps OCS, 1996
Marine Corps TBS, 1997
Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course, 1998
Expeditionary Warfare School, 2003
Naval Command and Staff College, 2011
DLI – East, Pashto Language 2012 and 2014
Dwight D. Eisenhower School, 2018


Major Assignments

Platoon Commander, Wpns Plt, Echo Company 2/3
Platoon Commander, Dragons Plt, Wpns Company 2/3
Executive Officer, Golf Company 2/3
Platoon Commander, Company I, OCS
Company Commander, Company L, 3/5
Operations Officer, 3/5
Inspector-Instructor, Company E, 2/23
Battalion Executive Officer, 2/23
AFPAK Hands:
District Augmentation Team Leader, VSP Panjwai, SOTF-S, Kandahar, Afghanistan
G2 Advisor, Afghanistan Ground Forces Command, Kabul, Afghanistan
Battalion Inspector – Instructor, 2/25
LtCol Bitanga’s former assignments also include, Section Head, Retirements Section, Separations and
Retirements Branch, Manpower Management and Branch Head, SFA/FID, Small Wars Center Irregular
Warfare Integration Division, Combat Development & Integration.

Marine Corps University