CREDO (NDW) Retreats


The Personal Resiliency Retreat* (PRR) is designed to help participants foster positive personal growth and self-awareness. They will discover a wealth of practical ideas and tips for personal growth that lead to increased resiliency. Participants learn to explore who they are, how the past has shaped who they are today, and the type of person they wish to become. Participants are prepared and encouraged to develop skills that enhance the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. Marriage enrichment retreats** create a time/space for couples to reconnect, reevaluate, and refocus upon the important aspects of their relationship to experience renewal. Family enrichment retreats*** for the whole family.  For a current schedule please contact the MCU Chaplain.

CREDO* is the acronym for the Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation. CREDO's mission is to strengthen spiritual well-being and individual resilience through workshops and retreats for DOD service members, civilians, and families. All events are free of charge. Since 1971, CREDO has offered transformational workshops, seminars and retreats specifically designed to inspire hope and strengthen spiritual well-being and enrich the lives of DOD service members and families.

Naval District Washington CREDO

CREDO NDW Joint Base Anacostia Bolling 220 Brookley Ave., Bldg. 4 Washington, DC 20032 Office: 202-404-8831


*For information and registration contact a CREDO member or your chaplain.

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