Q: ​What is the dress code? Am I allowed to wear nice looking denim pants/jeans/jackets?

A: ​The dress code is business casual to include slacks or skirts, blouses, sweaters, or dresses. Wear comfortable shoes for walking on tour and to lunch in town.

*Please no denim, leggings, jeans or flip-flops

Q:​ ​What’s the weather going to be like? 

A: ​Please check or equivalent site for forecasts. It is a good idea to bring a sweater or light jacket for the auditorium. Also we recommend that you bring an umbrella.


Q:​ How much time will I have with my spouse and/or our friends who will be at the course as well?

A: ​There are many joint presentations with Marines and spouses. Most days will end before 5 PM, which allows for socializing with friends over dinner. Spouses will also be given opportunities to network during scheduled breakout lunch sessions, while on tours, during transition times, and in small group sessions. 


Q:​ What expenses will I incur?

A: ​ Spouses will be responsible for all meals. *Non-local Marines and spouses will receive per diem for this training. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase throughout the week, or you may bring your own. If you have allergies, ingredient sensitivities, or diet restrictions, please consider planning ahead with purchases from the Commissary located on base. * Local attendees will not receive any funding. Additionally coffee will be available from the local snack bar next to Warner Auditorium.  You can pay a one time flat fee for bottomless coffee and utilize your own thermos.


Q:​ Can I bring a tablet or laptop with me, and is there Wi-Fi available?

A: ​Recommend bringing a laptop/iPad or other materials for note taking and accessing digital content. Don’t forget chargers to use each night in preparation for the next day. All presentation materials will be made available electronically for future reference. Wi-Fi is available in the education buildings.

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