Valerie Jackson

Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Future Warfare

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 432-5427
Areas of Interest: Conflict Management and Resolution, Civil-Military Operations, International Relations, Strategic Studies


Ms. Valerie Jackson - Valerie Jackson has more than two decades in federal service, principally as a United States Marine. As the Director of the Krulak Center, she leads a civilian and military team that creates programming and opportunities for all University students and faculty, Marines around the Fleet, and our partner organizations. Before coming to the Krulak Center, she was an arbitrator and non-profit board member in Dallas, Texas. Her areas of expertise include conflict management and resolution, civil-military operations, international relations, and strategic studies. She has led and commanded Marine units throughout her career, and has spent time as an instructor at the Marine Corps Civil Military Operations School and as the senior editor and field historian for the Marine Corps History Division. She is a current member of the Marine Toys for Tots Board of Directors and a member of the Northern Virginia chapter of SheepDog Impact Assistance, serving veterans and first responders.    


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