Mike Morris, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Military History
School of Advanced Warfighting

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 784-6852

Areas of Expertise:

  • Vietnam War
  • Corps-level Operations
  • Campaign Planning
  • Amphibious Operations
  • Small Wars


  • Ph.D., Military History, 2020, Texas A&M University
  • M.S.S, Strategic Studies, 2005, U.S. Army War College
  • M.A., Unconventional Warfare, 2001, American Military University
  • School of Advanced Warfighting, 2001, Marine Corps University
  • M.M.S., Military Studies, 2000, Marine Command and Staff College, Marine Corps University
  • B.S., History, 1985, U.S. Naval Academy


Dr. Morris served three decades as an active duty Marine.  He served in all three Marine artillery regiments, commanded a Marine detachment at sea, soldiered with the U.S. Army 75th Ranger Regiment, and as an Inspector-Instructor deployed 3d ANGLICO to OIF I.  The second half of his military career featured tours as CSC Warfighting Director, I MEF (Fwd) G-9 in Iraq, CO EWTGLANT, and Director, SAW.  He is writing a book on III MAF’s performance as a corps-level headquarters in Vietnam.

Selected Publications

“Fighting the Phantom: 1st VC Regiment in I Corps,” Marine Corps History (Summer 2021).

Invading North Vietnam,” Naval History (October 2020).

“Al Qaeda as Insurgency: The Quest for Islamic Revolution,” in Strategic Challenges for Counterinsurgency and the Global War on Terrorism, ed. Williamson Murray (Carlisle, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, 2006).


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