LtCol Joern Qviller, Norwegian Army

Military Faculty Advisor Command and Staff College
Infantry Officer

Contact Information

Phone: (540) 779- 3004

Areas of Expertise:

  • Operational Planning
  • Russia
  • Arctic Security
  • Cold Weather Operations

Military Education

  • Master in Operational Studies, School of Advanced Warfighting, Marine Corps University
  • Masters of Arts in Military Studies, Norwegian Defense Command and Staff College
  • Norwegian Army War Academy
  • Norwegian Army NCO Infantry School

Major Assignments

  • Commanding Officer Army Border Guard Battalion (Norwegian-Russian border), Kirkenes, Norway
  • Deputy Commander Army Infantry and Cavalry School, Rena, Norway
  • Deputy Commander Army Intelligence Battalion, Setermoen, Norway
  • S2 Telemark Battalion, Rena, Norway
  • S3 Porsanger Jeger Battalion, Finnmark, Norway
  • Company Commander Jeger Coy, Porsanger Jeger Battalion, Finnmark, Norway
  • Platoon Commander Jeger Coy A, Porsanger Jeger Battalion, Finnmark, Norway
  • Squad commander Rifle Coy C, Telemark Battalion, Heistadmoen, Norway
  • Commander Military Intelligence Task Group for NATO Response Force (VJTF/NRF)
  • G2 PRT Maymana ISAF, Afghanistan
  • S2 PRT Maymana, ISAF, Afghanistan
  • Team leader Military Observer Team, PRT Maymana, ISAF, Afghanistan
  • LNO Norwegian Task Force, KFOR, Kosovo

Awards and Decorations

  • Service Medal from ISAF and KFOR
  • Latvian Commandant Honor medal


  • Marine Corps Force Design 2030 and Implications for Allies and Partners: Case Norway, Journal of Advanced Military Studies, Quantico, 2020
  • COIN with Chinese features: Chinas Concepts to Counter Extremism, Separatism, and Terrorism. Oslo Files on Defense and Security, Institute for Defense Studies, Oslo, April 2014. (Issued in Norwegian)
Marine Corps University