Faculty and Staff that join the Marine Corps University (MCU) utilize this process to request an MCU network and email account.

What are the requirements to obtain a MCU network & email account?

1. Common Access Card (CAC) – Issued by DEERS (Required for digitally signing the SAAR (DD Form 2875))

2. CyberM or CyberC training certificate dated within the current fiscal year

a. You are required to provide the date of your training on the SAAR

3. An EDU SAAR (DD Form 2875)

4. Adobe Acrobat Reader (free version will work)

a. The latest DD Form 2875 is FIPs compliant.

I need a MCU account. What do I do?

1. Obtain the latest DD Form 2875, EDU SAAR form and instructions.

a. If your Supervisor does not have a black SAAR or the instructions, contact the SAAR Support at SAARsupport@usmcu.edu or 703-432-4866.

b. If you would like to visit the Helpdesk staff for assistance, the Helpdesk is located in building 2044, room 3178.

2. Open the SAAR form you obtained in step one.

3. Fill out the SAAR in accordance with the instructions.

4. When digitally signing the SAAR you will be prompted to save the SAAR. Ensure you name the SAAR file similar to the example below:

Example: LName_Civ_FName_EDU_SAAR.pdf

5. Email the SAAR and CyberM/CyberC training certificate to your supervisor or manager for next steps.

I am a Supervisor or Manager. What do I do?

    1. Download the SAAR from the requester in the email sent to you.
    2. Open the SAAR in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Pro and review the information input by the requester for correctness.
    3. Supervisor fill in blocks 17 through 20b.
      • For contractor account requests, the supervisor will fill out block 16a with the contractor’s company name, contract number and contract expiration date before digitally signing block 18.
      • For Intern and Volunteer account requests send the SAAR to SAARSupport@usmcu.edu and provide a copy of the requester’s PMO background check paperwork. Security Managers do not fill out page 2 of the SAAR for interns and volunteers.
    4. Email the SAAR to your Security Manager. If you are unsure who your Security Manager is, please contact Lisa Nelson for assistance. Supervisors request the completed SAAR back from the security manager.
    5. When you receive the SAAR back from the Security Manager, send all of the documents to SAARSupport@usmcu.edu requesting an EDU account be created for the new personnel.

a. Attach the completed SAAR and CyberM/CyberC certificate to the ticket.

b. For Interns and volunteers attach a copy of the requester’s PMO background check form provided by PMO.

I am a Security Manager. What do I do?

    1. Receive the SAAR from the Supervisor or Manager for action. Populate blocks 28 through 32 on page 2 of the SAAR. (Security Managers do not fill out page 2 of the SAAR for interns and volunteers.)
    2. Email that SAAR back to the Supervisor or Manager or SAARSupport@usmcu.edu for further processing.