MCEN System Support

The MCU IT Department Technicians do not have any support privileges or elevated rights to assist with MCEN related issues. See below for the Enterprise Service Desk contact information.

The MCU IT Helpdesk or users can contact the ESD for MCEN-N and MCEN-S computer trouble reports and service requests:


  • Phone: COMM: 855-373-8762 | DSN: 312-465-8079
  • NIPR E-mail:
  • SIPR E-mail:


13 August 2018 (MCINCR G6 RSD Support):

- Users contacting the MCINCR G6 RSD, by phone, will receive notice to contact the ESD for all MCEN-N and MCEN-S trouble reports and service requests.

- Users emailing MCEN-N or MCEN-S trouble reports to the MCI NCR G6 RSD will receive a response to please contact the ESD to report their trouble.

- Users contacting the MCINCR G6 RSD at 703-784-2111 to report phone or radio trouble or request services will receive service support.


When emailing the Enterprise Service Desk for a MCEN request the questions that require answers to create a ticket in Remedy are:



Marine Corps Workstation Incident Template


Domain (MCEN-N/S/L):

>>Verify / Update Customer Information<<


**********Customer Info******************************

Cx Name:




Room #:

Major Command:

Department / Section:

Phone Number:


Alternate POC:


**********CI DETAILS*********************************

Computer/Device Name:

IP Address:

Asset Tag:

Service Tag:


Network Domain:

Operating System:




************Description of Problem*******************

Error Message or Symptom:

ERROR: State error exactly or attach screenshot.

FREQUENCY: How often?

CAUSE: Any recent changes that may have contributed?

START: When did the issue begin?





Troubleshooting steps taken:


**************Additional Information*************