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Introduction and Disclaimer


  • Introduction

    The academic policy process instituted at Marine Corps University (MCU) is founded in sound educational practice supporting the achievement of our mission. The development and review of academic policies are guided by published policies of the Federal Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Navy, and the United States Marine Corps, including policies governing local jurisdiction as dictated by Marine Corps Base Quantico and external accrediting bodies (SACSCOC and PAJE). MCU’s internal policy adoption or revision process engages the entire University community through a substantive and iterative staffing process of development, review, guidance, revision, and approval that occurs face-to-face and electronically through the chain of command. On approval, all academic policies are published and disseminated through the appropriate University publication and made available publicly on the MCU website.

    In addition to this publication, academic policies or portions thereof are contained in the following University publications: the Faculty Handbook, Student Handbook, Catalog, and various other publications that portray information about the institution’s educational programs produced by the Marine Corps War College, the School of Advanced Warfighting, Command and Staff College, Expeditionary Warfare School, the Enlisted Professional Military Education branch, and the College of Distance Education and Training, such as standard operating procedures and course catalogs. Periodic reviews of MCU publications occur annually or as required based on overarching guidance, recommendations from educational program reviews, and other recommendations from students, faculty, staff, and administrators that lead to enhancing the overall teaching and learning environment and improvement of student learning. Recommendations for revisions to the academic policies contained herein can be forwarded through the chain of command to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

  • Disclaimer

    This publication is to be used as the primary source for quoting Marine Corps University policy. All previous versions of academic regulations within the Marine Corps University/Education Command Staff Regulations (MCUEDCOMO 1000.1B) are obsolete. To supplement explanation of some policies, selected portions of policies and philosophies from other applicable documents, directives, and publications have been referenced and added as appropriate. Furthermore, operating procedures of individual schools and affiliated support establishments may expound on those mentioned in this publication and should be referenced to provide the reader with a complete understanding of how Marine Corps University policies and procedures may influence more specific guidance. For example, the College of Distance Education and Training (CDET) and the Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning (CAOCL) maintain unique operating requirements related to distance education programs; training, advising, and research functions; and employment of adjunct faculty or subject matter expert content developers, which may not be mentioned in this publication. Readers interested in more specific information about CDET and CAOCL should consult their policies and procedures.