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Student Roles in Institutional Decision-Making


  1. ‚ÄčPurpose.  The purpose of this chapter is to provide MCU guidance regarding the role and participation of students in institutional decision-making within the University.

  2. Background.  MCU’s student body consists of professionals who are empowered to serve and lead within service, joint, and multi-national environments at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war.  Incorporating student participation in MCU’s decision-making process allows the University to leverage the input of those we educate.  It is the policy of this headquarters that students play an important role in institutional decision-making within the University, and that they should participate actively in that process.  Regardless of the school or college within the University, student participation in institutional decision-making is important to the health of the University.  The precise character of the role played by students is for the educational program director to determine, subject to review by the University vice presidents and Chief of Staff.

  3. Student Opportunities.  Student opportunities may include but are not limited to the following:

    a.Class Organization, including student leadership positions interacting with University instructors and staff.

    b.CCRBs as student representatives providing input on academic programs.

    c.Student surveys related to effectiveness of academic programs.

    d.Student focus groups related to various MCU programs.

    e.Academic awards for student input where appropriate.

    f.Additional opportunities as identified by each educational program director.

  4. Documentation of Roles.  Each educational program within MCU will define, as appropriate, the roles and participation of its students in institutional decision-making and document the participation.