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Command and Staff College


Courses are taught by military and civilian faculty divided into four departments:  Leadership, Warfighting, War Studies, and Security Studies. The program consists of 11 core courses and two electives (electives change each year, and are not listed here).

Leadership in the Profession of Arms I Evolution of Modern Warfare
National Security Affairs and the Internal System Joint and Marine Corps Operations
The Marine Corps Planning Process Leadership in the Profession of Arms II
Origins and Evolution of Contemporary Great Power Competition Evolving National Security Concepts and Operations
Complex Operational Problem Solving and Design Master of Military Studies
Capstone Planning Exercise (PC-X)  


Program Outcomes

1. War and Conflict:  Analyze the continuum of competition, conflict, and war, and the practice of operational art through the lens of joint warfighting.

2. Policy and Doctrine:  Analyze national policy and strategy, joint and Marine Corps doctrine, and their application in the current and future security environment.

3. Culture:  Understand the effects of culture on military operations and security matters.

4. Thinking, Solving, and Communicating:  Apply critical thinking, and innovative solutions to complex issues with clarity and precision in both oral and written forms.

5. Change:  Anticipate change, recognize opportunity and risk, and lead transitions.

6. Leadership in the Profession of Arms:  Lead in an ethical manner while serving as commanders and staff officers.

7. Operations in the Information Environment:  Gain an information advantage by applying the power of information and understanding its effects.

AY-2019 Class

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