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College of Distance Education and Training

Mission Statement

CDET is the organization within Marine Corps Education Command (EDCOM) with the mission to design, develop, deliver, evaluate, manage, and resource distance learning products and programs across the Marine Corps training and education continuum in order to increase operational readiness. CDET is a total force educational institution:  it serves all U.S. military forces and DoD government agencies, as well as international military forces throughout the globe.

Professional military education (PME) is a career-long study of the foundations of the military profession, designed to equip Marines with the analytical skills necessary to exercise sound military judgment in contemporary operations. Our programs and courses concentrate on the leadership, warfighting, and staff development skills of the nation's military, and feature the educational standards, learning areas, and learning objectives of the Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) program required by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Distance Education

CDET's PME distance education programs (DEPs) are accessible globally through a variety of delivery systems.

  • Our eLearning Ecosystem provides education to students wherever they are stationed.
  • Our worldwide seminars support the DEPs through a network of regional campuses and via the Moodle learning management system.

AY-2019 Class

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