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MarineNet Electronic Distance Learning
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Electronic Distance Learning Products

CDET manages the development and hosting of electronic distance learning (EDL) products to support professional military education, MOS skill progression training, pre-deployment training, cross-functional training applicable to all Marines, and, to a limited extent, entry-level training.

Our online learning management system, MarineNet, delivers and tracks a variety of instructional media, including computer-based interactive multimedia instruction (IMI); self-contained instructional graphics, video, and/or audio files; printable lesson plans, student guides, and supporting documents; electronic performance support elements; interactive electronic technical manuals; and secure assessment and evaluation instruments. In many cases, EDL products are blended with resident instruction to enrich the learning experience and create a cohesive instructional package.

EDL Product Application

CDET is currently accepting applications for our TECOM electronic learning targeting board for EDL products, MarineNet hosting services, and multimedia services. Submitted proposals may comprise traditional tracked courseware or alternative EDL solutions, including but not limited to multimedia training aids, performance support tools, and video tutorial packages.

CDET will review all proposals according to established criteria. Once a project is selected for a formal distance learning analysis and planning (DLAP) process, it is matched with available resources and placed in a queue for development. CDET partners with the requesting organization and develops a charter delineating support requirements to which both organizations agree. The requesting organization will be responsible for providing content, assisting in the design of supporting scenarios and situations, and reviewing each phase of the development process to ensure that content is accurate.

Review the EDL application for details. Contact the Digital Content department for additional information.

Tips, Tools, and Practices

The following documents provide concise information and how-to guidance for effectively incorporating distance learning into your organization's training and education plan. This table includes their suggested applicability to curriculum developers and course sponsors.

Curriculum DeveloperCourse Sponsor
Distance Learning Integration
Top Ten Tips for Improving Multiple Choice Questions
Improving Presentations for Online Learning: Content and Organization
MarineNet Assessment Security
Training Event Reporting
Training for Incidental Operators


Specific information about technical requirements and the MarineNet testing process:

Contact the Digital Content department for any additional information or guidance.