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CAOCL conducts social and behavioral science research with a focus on field methods in support of CAOCL, MCU, and the broader Marine Corps. CAOCL brings a diversity of social scientific disciplines to bear on institutional and programmatic problems to offer perspective, novel ideas, and broadened solutions. Also, CAOCL’s research outcomes provide curricular content in the form of vignettes and lessons learned for CAOCL’s programs. CAOCL’s research activities are carried out in accordance with the Marine Corps policies and federal laws governing research involving human subjects. CAOCL routinely has two to three active protocols annually. 

Additionally, CAOCL provides scientific advising for problem framing, red teaming, vetting research proposals and claims, futures, and science and technology processes. Through presence and partnership, CAOCL continues to evolve how the Marine Corps at various levels understands and leverages social and behavioral science thinking and methods and consumes the resulting data to provide the Marine Corps with a diversity of thought, approaches, and results to inform problem framing and decision making. 

CAOCL also focuses on building and sustaining the relationships and capabilities needed to ensure the Marine Corps has enduring access to the social and behavioral science expertise and information it needs to sustain LREC capability over the coming decades. Among other things, CAOCL engages with scientific and academic institutions and professional associations as well as conducts research and advising to support the Marine Corps’ capacity to effectively select, vet, and leverage expertise and claims in the social and behavioral sciences.