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What Do We Teach?

2017-2019 Courses taught or scheduled at 

Marine Corps University by CAOCL Instructors:


·Introduction to Culture

·Cross-Cultural Competence

·lntercultural Communication

·Building Rapport Across Cultures

·Cultural Metacognition

·Culture, Conflict & Creativity

·Water Scarcity

·Public health threats and the role of the military

·Boko Haram



Where Can You Find Us?


CAOCL provides regular educational support to the following schools/curriculum:


·Advanced Course

·U.S. Naval War College

·College of Distance Education & Training

·School of Advanced Warfighting

·Command & Staff College


·Senior Enlisted Professional Military Education Course

·Sergeants Course

·Expeditionary Warfare School

·The Basic School

·SNCOA - USMC Installations

·Marine Corps Special  Operations Command

·Marine Corps War  College

·Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate Course

·Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

·MIG Reserve Course

·Naval Postgraduate  School

·FBl Academy


What Have We Published?

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Lauren Mackenzie, Ph.D.


Dr. Lauren Mackenzie is Professor of Military Cross-Cultural Competence at the Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning (CAOCL), Marine Corps University. She also currently serves as the Marine Corps University faculty council president as well as an adjunct Professor of Military/Emergency Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.


Lauren Mackenzie, Ph.D.
Professor of Military Cross-Cultural Competence
Center for Advanced Operational Culture Learning
Marine Corps University
203 Breckenridge Hall
Quantico, VA 22134
703.432.0609 (O)