Raymond C. Damm, Jr. Director 432.4500
Richard A. Hawkins Senior Enlisted Mentor 432.5630
Kelly J. Scanlon Senior Enlisted Mentor 432.5527
Paige L. Chandler Instructor 784.5295
Twayne Hickman Instructor 432.5541
Brian "BK" McCrary Instructor 432.5276
Kathleen Gallaher Communication Instructor 432.5529

MAGTF Instructional Group (MIG)

Mission Statement

The MAGTF Instructional Group assists all MCU Directorates and Schools by developing, delivering, and evaluating professional military education in order to improve the critical thinking and adaptability skills that enhance professional competence in leadership, warfighting, and staff abilities. The MIG facilitates MCU in producing Marine, other service and international students that are MAGTF professionals; prepared to perform with increased effectiveness at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war.

Active Programs

Senior Enlisted PME (SEPME) – The Senior Enlisted PME Course is designed to equip Marines in the ranks of Master Sergeant and First Sergeant with critical thinking and adaptability skills necessary to function at the operational and strategic levels of war. Completion of the course equips senior enlisted Marines with demonstrated proficiency in the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP), communication and administration. At its highest level SEPME enhances the senior leader’s ability to provide sound recommendations for mission success. SEPME is offered five times a year for a six week period to approximately fifty students each course.

Strategy and Policy Course (SPC) – The SPC is an advanced professional military education course for O-6’s intended to bridge the gap in PME between TLS and Capstone in order to provide Strategic-Level education and exposure to Marine Colonels who are serving in, or preparing to serve in, the Marine Corps most demanding billets. The SPC is intended to further education and develop Colonels to think critically at the interface of Strategy and Policy, and to lead effectively in the Joint/Coalition Warfighting Arena.  The SPC is offered twice each fiscal year for a three week period.

Reserve Senior Staff Course (RSSC) – The RSSC is an intense two week program that enhances senior reserve Officer’s ability to effectively operate and integrate into a deploying MEF or high-level Joint/Combined FWD deployed staff.  The course blends theory and practical application and includes instruction on critical thinking and decision-making theory and application, MAGTF operational planning and design, Joint/Coalition/NATO considerations, current and legacy battle Command (C4ISR) systems/collaborative tools and regional studies. The RSSC is board selected and is offered once a year to approximately twenty-five Reserve Officers/NCO’s in the month of July. 


Past Programs & Outreach

Joint Operational Planning Course (JOPC) – In 2012, at the request of the Czech Republic to fill a gap in their ability to send their military members to the NATO planning process course, the MIG took an existing planning exercise and modified it to teach Stability Operations and took a Mobile Training Team (MTT) to the Czech Republic to teach critical thinking, decision-making and the Marine Corps Planning Process (MCPP) to both Czech and Slovak Officers.  For FY16, the MIG supported the Marine Corps Command and Staff Course in executing the JOPC.  The JOPC is executed once per fiscal year.

Saudi Senior Leader Seminar (SSLS) – At the request of the Commander of the Marine and Naval Special Forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the MIG developed and delivered a Saudi Senior Leaders Seminar designed to reflect the educational areas of MCU’s Strategy and Policy Course (SPC). The SSLS was a three week program developed to address the need for ongoing formal PME between O-6 (top level school) and O-8 (senior level development program) levels.  The SSLS was intended to refresh and educate KSA Flag Officers at the intersection of operational art and the strategic level of war while enhancing their confidence in staff and planning operations with English as the operational language while conducting US/Saudi/Coalition operations.  The SSLS was executed in December, 2015.  

MCU Red Team – The MIG Director also serves as the academic and administrative supervisor for the MCU Red Team. As a part of the MIG, the MCU Red Team is responsible for developing, instructing and updating Red Team Curriculum for Marine Corps University’s across all PME venues.  It serves as MCU’s Team/Decision Support Analysis Team and develops and provides guidance and recommendations to the Commanding General by providing critiques and alternatives to Staff assumptions, strategies, plans, concepts, programs, projects, and processes.  The Red Team also provides analytic support and assessments on Service Level plans and exercises for MCCDC and its MSEs.  Additionally, the MCU Red Team also provides coordination with elements of MCCDC and its MSEs, MARFORs, Joint and Interagency partners (CIA, DIA, DoS, DHS) and ensures alignment of Red Team training and education, product development, research efforts and analysis of cultural and intelligence materials with Joint and Interagency partners.