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The Marine Corps Professional Reading Program began as the Commandant's Reading List in 1988, although recommended reading list have been generated for Marines since the 19th century. Each Commandant since 1988 has placed his personal stamp on the program, but many books remain constant. Books will always remain a staple of self-paced professional development. 


Navy MWR and Overdrive (Free E-Reader)

Marines are able to download all titles for free utilizing the Navy MWR Library and Overdrive application. 


Book Report Format and Guide

For Marines competing on Meritorious Boards utilize the following guide to shape thoughts for your book report.  Utilize the following template to write your report.

United States Marine Corps Commandant’s Professional Reading List Discussion Guide

Book Report Template



Unit Library Program

Commandant's Professional Reading List books are available to unit leaders as part of the Marine Corps Association (MCA) Unit Commander's Library Program. Ordering instructions are posted on the MCA website. 

Reading List 

The reading list webpage can be found at the following site: 

Commandant's Professional Reading List

Book Nomination Form 

Recommend books for the Commandants Reading List 

Contact Information

Program Coordinator (703) 784-9753



Suggested Reading for PME 

Corporal's Course                          EWS

Sergeant's School                          Command and Staff 

Career School                                

Advanced School 

Commandant's Professional Reading List PSA 

ALMAR 023/20

Updated 21 Oct 2020 

Revision of the Commandants Reading List 



PDF Version of the 2020 Commandant's Professional Reading List (Courtesy of GRC Library)