President's Strategic Intent

Our 29th Commandant, General Al Gray, created Marine Corps University in 1989 to provide unity of effort to how we educate our Corps’ most important asset and our lifeblood – our people. General Gray understood that while training can prepare Marines for the expected, education prepares them for the unexpected. Over the past 28 years, MCU has made remarkable strides in the accomplishment of these ideals: we are closer than ever to realizing General Gray’s original vision of creating a world-class educational institution focused on the art and science of war-fighting. This strategic plan provides a roadmap for MCU leaders to follow in the continued pursuit of General Gray’s intent, nested within the vision of our current Commandant, General Neller. In order to meet this intent, we will: 

1) Imprint our Corps’ ethos and values into our students. MCU’s students will appreciate the process of the “Transformation” and how to sustain this in their people. They will ensure we remain disciplined war-fighters, most ready when the Nation is least ready. 

2) Expand how we think and write about employing naval expeditionary power in the future operating environment. We will think more broadly, deeply, and holistically about how we will employ naval expeditionary power in the future. 

3) Personally and professionally develop leaders of character. All programs at the MCU will work to produce educated and ethical leaders who possess selflessness, honesty, and moral courage. 

4) Improve our Corps’ operational capability and warfighting effectiveness. We must produce leaders capable of fighting with a maneuver warfare mindset in an expeditionary and amphibious environment. We owe a debt of gratitude to those leaders whose efforts have led to this iteration of the strategic plan. We face challenging times and time is not on our side. To that end, all MCU leaders will proceed with implementation of this strategic plan and to be prepared to innovate and adapt moving forward. Continue to march! 

William J. Bowers
Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commanding General, Education Command
President, Marine Corps University
11 August 2017

MCU Strategic Plan 2017-2022

The goals of the University’s Strategic Plan provide the foundation for the University’s educational philosophy.

GOAL 1: Conduct education and training to develop professionally competent individuals who think critically and solve complex problems creatively in a dynamic environment. (Professional Learning)

GOAL 2: Develop and maintain an effective, transparent, collaborative, and responsive organizational structure in order to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. (Organizational Strength)

GOAL 3: Provide state-of-the-art facilities and cutting edge technologies in order to facilitate Marine Corps University’s innovative and global learning environment. (Infrastructure and Technology)

GOAL 4: Strengthen faculty and staff development opportunities in order to promote teaching excellence, scholarship, and the sharing of knowledge. (Faculty and Staff Development)

GOAL 5: Leverage MCU’s scholarship, research, publishing, stewardship, learning opportunities, and conferencing capabilities in order to strengthen the MCU brand and to support the Marine Corps, the broader national security audience, and the public. (University Outreach)

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