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James Lacey, Ph.D., MCWAR

Dr. James G. Lacey serves as professor and course director for War, Policy, and Strategy, as well as Political Economy at the Marine Corps War College. 

Prior to coming to the War College he spent six years at the Institute for Defense Analyses Vice President, working on a number of projects dealing with the economics of war, the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, strategic communications, and long-term US strategic policy. 

He was an active duty military officer for twelve years, serving in the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, and United States Army Europe Headquarters. He retired from the Army Reserves in 2005, after 24 years of service. 

He has extensive experience in several Wall Street firms focusing on “capital market operations.” Dr. Lacey is a successful professional journalist with columns in the NY Post and NY Sun for almost two years. He was a journalist with Time Magazine and was an embedded reporter during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He is extensively published in financial, military and opinion journals.
In addition, Dr. Lacey has taught courses at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities. He has also lectured and conducted seminars at numerous academic and policy institutions across the country.
Mr. Lacey holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from The Citadel and a Ph.D. in Military History from Leeds University.  His dissertation was on the economic underpinnings of U.S. strategy in World War II 


Book Publications

Iraqi Perspective Project (co-author)                        USNI                                               2006

Takedown - Invasion of Iraq                                     USNI                                               2007

Terrorist Perspective Project                                    USNI                                               2008

Global Jihad                                                             USNI                                               2008

Cannons of Jihad                                                     USNI                                               2008

- Pershing – A biography                                          Palgrave-McMillian                          2008

-The Making of Peace (co-editor)                             Cambridge                                       2009

Keep from All Thoughtful Men                               USNI                                                2011
    (Economics of WW II)

The Patterns of Grand Strategy (co-editor)           Cambridge                                       2011

- The First Clash: The Greco-Persian Wars            Random House                               2011

  • The Moment of Battle                                       Random House                               2013
  • Great Strategic Rivalries                                  Oxford                                              2016

         (Great Power Competition)

-  The Washington War (Forthcoming)                    Random House                       May 2018
       (FDR and his War Cabinet)

- The Gods of War (Forthcoming)                          Random House                         Dec 2018 

Dr. Lacey is also the author of over a hundred articles and studies on history, strategy, economics, global events, etc.