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Matthew J. Flynn Ph.D., CSC

Dr. Matthew J. Flynn, Professor of Military History, serves in the War Studies Department, Command and Staff College, Marine Corps University.  Professor Flynn specializes in placing US national security issues in a global context and serves in the Department of War Studies at the Command and Staff College, Marine Corps University.  Prior to coming to Quantico in July 2012, he taught at a number of universities and the United States Military Academy, West Point.  In line with developing the college’s cyber elective courses, his current research explores the impact of the cyber domain on the evolution of warfare.  His book publications include, Settle and Conquer: Militarism on the Frontier of North America, 1607-1890, examining American westward expansion as a successful counterinsurgency.  He also co-authored a study analyzing revolution and civil liberties and titled, Washington & Napoleon: Leadership in the Age of Revolution, and books such as First Strike: Preemptive War in Modern History, and Contesting History: The Bush Counterinsurgency Legacy in Iraq, looking at preemptive warfare as national policy and counterinsurgency’s impact on national power, respectively.  Professor Flynn received his doctorate from Ohio University in 2004 after advanced study in civil-military relations with that university’s distinguished Contemporary History Institute.


Areas of interest


Great Power Status
Preemptive War
Cyber Warfare