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Dr. Richard L. Dinardo, CSC

Richard L. DiNardo  is Professor for National Security  Affairs at the United  States Marine  Corps Command  and Staff  College at  Quantico, Virginia. He  obtained a B.A. in  History in 1979 from  Bernard Baruch College, part of the City University  of New York (CUNY). DiNardo then attended the Graduate School and  University Center of CUNY, receiving his  M.Phil.  and   Ph.D.  degrees  in  History  in   1985  and  1988, respectively.  DiNardo  assumed his  present position with  the Marine Corps Command and Staff College in January 1998.

DiNardo  has an  extensive  record of  publication.  He has  authored, co-authored or  co-edited seven  books on  topics ranging  from German military history  to the American Civil  War to the Royal  Navy in the age of sail.  His most recent work, Invasion: The  Conquest of Serbia, 1915,  published by  Praeger,  appeared in  2015.  DiNardo’s  previous book, Breakthrough: The Gorlice-Tarnow  Campaign, 1915, also published by Praeger in 2010, won runner-up prize for the World War I Historical Association’s  Tomlinson   Book  Award.   One  of   DiNardo’s  earlier publications, Germany and the Axis Powers: From Coalition to Collapse, published by  the University of Kansas  Press in 2005, is  part of the required  reading  in  a  course  on  coalition  warfare  at  Air  War College. Aside from  books, he also has published  an extensive number of  articles  on  a  variety  of  topics  in  scholarly  journals  and professional military publications.

Areas of Interest:

  • American Civil War
  • German Army of World War II
  • Leadership
  • Operational Art