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Todd Holm, Ph.D.

Communications Supervisor
Expeditionary Warfare School

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 432-0139
Email: todd.holm@usmcu.edu
Areas of Interest: Avid Woodworker, First Person Shooter Games, Action Movies


Ph.D. Organizational Communication and Instructional Communication, Ohio University
M.A. Communication, North Dakota State University
B.A. Communication Studies, South Dakota State University


Dr. Todd Holm serves as the Communication Program Coordinator for the Expeditionary Warfare School of the Marine Corps University. Dr. Holm served six year in the South Dakota Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer (12B). In his unit he was an M-60 gunner, demolitions assistant, and unit trainer.


Dr. Holm holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from South Dakota State University, a Master’s Degree in Communication from North Dakota State University, and a PhD in Organizational Communication and Instructional Communication from Ohio University. He spent the 25 years prior to joining EWS teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at several colleges and universities (Miami University, Concordia College, Truman State University, Ohio University, Carroll Community College, Prince George’s Community College, NOVA, Mayville State University, and North Dakota State University). He also coached college speech and debate programs (called forensics programs). His teams won multiple national championships and, more importantly, his students went on to excel in their chosen professions as lawyers, professors, broadcasters, scientists, teachers, business managers, and a variety of other professions.


Dr. Holm is also a well-known scholar who has presented over 75 convention papers and published roughly 25 academic journal articles.


Selected Publications

Holm, T. T. (2017). Academic Recovery Program: How to Hit the Reset Button on College Career. Createspace Publishers (ISBN-10: 1542341795)

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