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Christopher C. Harmon, Ph.D.

Donald Bren Chair of Great Powers Competition

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 784-4663
Email: christopher.harmon@usmcu.edu
Areas of Interest: International Security Affairs


Ph.D. International Relations and Government, Claremont Graduate School
M.A. Government, Claremont Graduate School
B.A. History and French, Seattle University


From Seattle University, Chris Harmon went on to Claremont Graduate School to study international relations and political philosophy and write a doctoral dissertation on terrorism (1984). Dr. Harmon worked for the House of Representatives as a foreign affairs aide and for many years was a Professor of International Relations at Marine Corps University, directing core courses for the Majors on “Theory & Nature of War” and “Strategy and Policy.” For four years, he served MCU as “Horner Chair of Military Theory.”


Christopher C. Harmon has run counterterrorism studies programs for the U.S. government in Hawaii and Germany. In 2018 The Brookings Institution Press published The Terrorist Argument (a volume done with USN Capt. Randall Bowdish, a faculty colleague at Command & Staff College). Apart from his books Chris has written essays for the Marine Corps University Journal, Orbis, Strategic Studies Quarterly, Oxford Bibliographies, and Cambridge University Press. Harmon now holds the Bren Chair of Great Power Competition and works at the MCU’s Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity.


Dr. Harmon offers multifaceted expertise in international security affairs and lectures world-wide-as at universities, international schools run by the U.S. government, think tanks, and Interpol headquarters. He is lead author or editor of six books, including The Terrorist Argument: Modern Advocacy & Propaganda (Brookings, 2018) and has written for such publications as Oxford Bibliographies and the geopolitics journal Orbis. Harmon began his graduate-level teaching career at the Naval War College in 1988 and has since held academic chairs at Marine Corps University including, currently, the Bren Chair of Great Power Competition.


Proposed talks include


State Rivalry and "Warfare in Peacetime"
Terrorism and its State Sponsors
How Terrorist Groups End
Insurgency's Defeat by Counterinsurgency: Sri Lankan War, 1976-2009
The Communist "New People's Army" of the Philippines: 50 Years in the Field
Clausewitz and Sun Tzu on War and Strategy


Past Teaching Experience


Marine Corps War College®
School of Advanced Warfighting
Command & Staff College
Expeditionary Warfare School


Selected Publications



Lead editor and an author, Statecraft and Power: Essays in Honor of Harold W. Rood (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1994)
Terrorism Today (Frank Cass, 2000; 2nd edn. Routledge, 2008)
Lead editor and an author, Toward A Grand Strategy Against Terrorism (New York: McGraw Hill, 2010).


Shoter Publications


“Are We Beasts? Churchill and the Moral Question of WWII ‘Area Bombing,’” Newport Papers #1, a monograph for the Naval War College Press, 1991.
“How Al Qaeda May End,” lecture and Backgrounder #1760 published by The Heritage Foundation, 19 May 2004. “Iran as Competitor: Measured, Violent, Relentless,” essay for the web site of the Brute Krulak Center for Innovation & Creativity, Marine Corps University, 6 May 2019.