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Academic Chairs and Scholars​

Marine Corps University Foundation Sponsored Chairs​

The Ambassador Anthony D. Marshall Chair of Strategic Studies       ​Dr. Williamson "Wick" Murray
The Kim T. Adamson Chair of Insurgency and Terrorism Mr. J. Kael Weston
The Donald Bren Chair of Creative Problem Solving
The Donald Bren Chair of Non-Western Strategic Thought ​Dr. Chris Yung
The Donald Bren Chair of Strategic Communications ​​​Donald M. Bishop
Donald Bren Chair of Armed Politics ​Brandon Valeriano, Ph.D.
Donald Bren Chair of Cyber Conflict and Security Mr. JD Work
Donald Bren Chair of Great Powers Competition Christopher Harmon, Ph.D.

Service and Agency Chairs​

​Central Intelligence Agency Chair Dr. Richard E. Hegmann
Defense Intelligence Agency Chair Mr. Gary Lake
Department of State Chair Mr. ​Michael Greenwald
Department of Homeland Security Chair Col Anthony Pais USMC (ret)
Federal Bureau of Investigation Chair ​Mr. Bill Soderberg
USMC Reserve Affairs Chair Colonel Craig J. Price, USMCR (AR)
LTG Robert Eichelberger Army Chair COL Brian Beckno, USA
Chief of Staff of the Air Force General George C. Kenney Chair       Col JT Russell, USAF
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Col JT Russell, USAF
Special Operations Forces Chair LTC Gregory Reck, USA
Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creativity Col Valerie Jackson
Colonel Michael J. Godfrey Logistics Chair Col Seth Ocloo (non-resident)

Academic Scholars​

​Director of Middle East Studies     Dr. Amin Tarzi
​Research Assistant Professor of Middle East Studies Adam C. Seitz
Professor of Energy Studies     Dr. Michael Baskin
Chair of Military Cross-Cultural Competence                    Dr. Lauren Mackenzie